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Scratch Boot Camp

Learn basic programming concepts while teaching Scratch the cat to chase virtual mice in this fun introduction to coding. Join thousands of kids who’ve begun their coding career with Mr. T’s innovative Fun First curriculum. Graduates should have all the basic skills they need to start coding their own video games in Scratch.



INTERN workshops are intended for kids who've so far done little or no coding, but have an interest in computers and gaming. The curriculum for Cat & Mouse, Mr. Tomec's ground-breaking introductory coding workshop, was put together with information gleaned through hundreds of live workshops conducted at 23 Canadian elementary schools during a two-year period.
This aim of this fun and fast-moving session will introduce children to key computing concepts like loops, variables and conditional statements without getting bogged down in computer science theory. Mr. T's Fun First curriculum aims to energize students within the first few minutes of instruction, giving them the tools they need to move and control characters and create sound effects.
"The kids are literally begging me to teach them the next skill," Mr. T recalls. "For many kids, you can almost see the light-bulb moment of inspiration and empowerment. They start to see technology as something they can create, instead of mindlessly consuming."

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