With millions of children locked out of school by the Coronavirus pandemic, Chromeworks wants to teach your kids to code. For free. Right now!

We'll be Live Streaming a free coding lesson every weekday at 10 am. Follow along with Mr. Tomec and other educators as we build computer games, digital stories and animations together. Ask questions via chat, or follow along with our printed PDF code cheat sheets while you learn important computer programming concepts in Scratch, MIT's acclaimed coding platform.

Scratch is a completely free, adult-moderated  coding community founded by the visionary educators of MIT's Lifelong Kindergarten Program to teach code to children. Rather than typing coding commands, children build software by dragging interlocking blocks across the screen. Easy to learn, but able to support complex mathematical functions, Scratch boasts more than 50 million users, and is the first example of coding taught to students all over the world, including students in Harvard University's introductory computing program.

After each lesson, you're invited to join Mr. Tomec on Discord, a revolutionary communication platform that allows text and voice communication, chat rooms, screen sharing and more. We're building a community on Discord where teachers and students can share information and help each other out with coding and computing advice. Note that Discord limits access to children aged 13 and up, so younger users who want to participate will have to do so with parental supervision.

Children without access to Discord will be invited to write in with questions, suggestions and links to our main e-mail at info@chromeworks.ca.

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