With millions of children locked out of school by the Coronavirus pandemic, Chromeworks wants to teach your kids to code.

For free.

Stuck at home in quarantine? Why waste your time playing video games when you can make them? Follow along with Ontario-certified teacher Andrew Tomec and learn to make computer games and animations using MIT's acclaimed coding platform, Scratch. Our program, aimed at students 8-12 years old, is attracting praise from students and parents around the world. Build digital literacy and creative problem-solving skills, and connect with other kids in a safe, supportive online environment. There's something for every kind of kid. 



Watch our concise video tutorials and lesson recaps on YouTube and learn how to create your very own video games and other cool coding projects, step by step. New content posted every weekday​ at 9 am.


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DISCORD AGE WARNING: Please note that like all social networks, Discord limits its users to age 13 and up, so there's an expectation that younger children who are logging in to this service will be monitored by parents to confirm that they're using it appropriately. We believe the circumstances of this emergency necessitate experimentation and new approaches to communication, and after trying many solutions, we were impressed by Discord's powerful tools for text, voice chat and screen sharing, all of which make it an ideal educational tool -- with proper supervision.

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