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Live stream coding lessons weekdays at 10am

With millions of children stuck at home for weeks or longer, there's no better time for your kids to learn coding, a vital 21st Century skill that promotes perseverance, creative problem solving and computational thinking. Every weekday at 10 am, Chromeworks will be continuing daily YouTube livestreams, where we'll be teaching kids how to code using MIT's Scratch software. Our program is aimed at kids 8 and up, but anyone can join.




Learn how to fake a UFO landing in this cool lesson, which will be an introduction to image editing. We'll be using Pixlr, an awesome FREE online photo editor that is completely cloud-based and will work on virtually any computer. 


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Insanely fun technology training for kids 8-12

Why be a consumer of technology when you can be a creator? We offer coding and multimedia workshops, camps and after-school activities that will unleash your child's creative potential and supercharge their learning.

  • Learn coding, film-making, image editing, stop-motion, digital art and music production under the guidance of an Ontario-certified teacher with a mobile computer lab and a passion for technology

  • 25 touch-screen Chromebooks allow learning in an intensive 1:1 student/computer ratio environment 

  • Learn with MIT's award-winning Scratch programming engine and a vast suite of the latest web apps - all free and easily accessible so the fun can continue at home.


Learning opportunities include:

  • New after-school programs and summer camps now registering at the Glebe Community Centre.

  • In-class workshops  for Grade K-8 with engaging, curriculum-linked course content.

  • No-cost training available for OCDSB classes, delivered by your supply teacher while your regular teacher is away. 

  • Teacher PD and small-group or one-on-one tutoring also available 

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