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Design your own float and join our festive parade


Chromeworks is celebrating the season with a Scratch Holiday Parade. We’re inviting kids everywhere to celebrate with us by designing their own animated parade float to add to our celebration. Just create a fun parade entry in Scratch and follow the instructions below to share it with us. Your entry must be just one sprite, but you can create as many costumes as you like. All entries received before Friday Dec. 18 at noon will be included in our special Holiday live stream, Saturday, December 19 at 10 am on YouTube. To enter, follow the instructions below or watch our tutorial video.

1. Remix the project 

Go to the project HERE and find the green remix button at the top


2. Name your project  

Write your first name in the window, followed by the name of your float. Both your name and the float name will be shown during the parade.


3. Create your sprite  

Create a new sprite (or use any of the sprite templates) and design your float. You're allowed to create as many costumes as you like, but your whole float should be contained in a single sprite. 


4. Share your sprite 

Share your sprite to the Chromeworks Holiday Parade Studio HERE. You'll need to share your remixed file and copy the URL (the file address) into our studio.


Your deadline is this Friday, Dec. 18 12:00pm EST!

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