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Make the game your own ... and share it with the world!

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You've finished making Cat & Mouse, but that's just the beginning of your coding adventure. Now's your chance to add new gameplay features, graphics and sound effects to the game, and make it something unique. Share you remix in the Chromeworks Cat & Mouse Studio, and we'll show the best of them on our weekly YouTube live stream.

What's a remix, anyway?


A remix is a modified version of a project made by another Scratcher. Remixing is a great way to learn coding concepts by working with projects that have been put together by more experienced coders. You can take a project that's beyond your current skill level and use a remix to experiment with their code, tweak and change a few settings. Have fun and create something new without having to build an entire game by yourself.

Isn't copying someone else's work bad?


Not in Scratch! We're all here to learn, and the makers of Scratch encourage users to learn from each other by borrowing code from each other. When you remix somebody else's project, Scratch automatically gives credit to the original author of the project, and most Scratchers consider it a compliment when you remix them. You can also thank other Scratchers for their help in the credits section on your Project Page.

1. Modify the game 

Add a new twist to Cat & Mouse by changing the graphics, backgrounds, sound effects, background music or Game Over screen. Better yet, show off your new coding skills by adding new twists to the gameplay. Here are some ideas that other Scratchers have tried in the past.

  • Make the mice run away from you

  • Make a dog appear and start chasing the cat

  • Add a power-up that temporarily increases your speed

  • Add multiple levels to the game

  • Make the background randomly change every few seconds

  • Make different creatures spawn for your cat to chase 



2. Share it 

If this is a new project, click the orange Share button to make it visible to the rest of the Scratch community. If this is a remix of somebody else's version of the game, click the Remix button instead.

3. Fill in the Project Page 

Clicking on Share or Remix will navigate you to a Project Page where you can fill in details about your project. Explain how you changed it, and remember to give credit if you use somebody else's graphics or sound files.

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4. Copy the project URL 

At the top of your browser window, click inside the address bar and click Control-C to copy the address of you file. It should look something like this .

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5. Open the Chromeworks Cat & Mouse Showcase studio 

Click on this link to navigate to our student showcase, where students are invited to post their Cat & Mouse remixes

6. Past your project URL 

Click on the Add Projects button and paste the URL into the box that appears below by pressing Control-V. Click the "Add by URL" button to finish up. Your project will not be visible in the studio until you refresh the page. Note that if your project URL ends in "/editor" you will have to remove that portion from the URL before Scratch will let you save the file.

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