First Ave. Public School, Ottawa, Canada

ms. murdock'S GRADE 5/6 CLASS

First Ave. Public School, Ottawa, Canada


1. log in 

Log in to your Scratch account


2. Create a new project 

Click the Create button to start a new Scratch project

3. Name your project

Write your first name in the Title window. Later on you can  also add the title of your game here, but always start the filename with your first name.

4. Share the project

Click the Orange 'Share' button. You will be redirected to the title page for your project. If you want, you can add details about what you're making.

5. Copy your project URL 

At the top of your browser window, click inside the address bar and click Control-C to copy

6. Click 'See Inside 

This will get you back into your project

7. Open the Cat & Mouse Studio 

Click this link. The studio will open in a new window.


8. Click on 'Add Projects' 

9. Paste project URL 

Click inside the white address box and use a Control-V command to paste

10. Click 'Add by URL' 

Your project will not appear in the studio until you refresh your page


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