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Join our online community (But stay safe!)


Chromeworks Studios is an exclusive online community where children and teens can meet and interact to share their love of coding and technology. Our virtual clubhouse is housed on Discord, a popular multimedia communications platform that allows text, voice and video communication, screen sharing and other tools that enhance interaction and collaboration.


info for parents

When we launched our Discord server in the early days of March, 2020, our goal was to offer children a safe way to reach out and interact with peers around the world during a time when they were being increasingly isolated by lockdowns. Today, the site has become a thriving hub where young people can collaborate on coding projects, seek help when they're stuck, assemble to find gaming partners, or just hang out and socialize. Discord's voice communications tools are also the means by which club members can participate in our live streamed events on YouTube, allowing them to join the conversation as active participants rather than passive consumers.

Like almost every form of social media, Discord was not designed with children in mind, and the terms of service stipulate that users be 13 years of age or older.  It's important, therefore, for parents to understand that if they're going to allow their kids to access this service,  they're obligated to keep an eye on their child's activities, monitor their communications, and ensure that they don't stray into areas where they may encounter inappropriate content.

Accessing the Chromeworks server

To ensure that kids are participating in our community with the full knowledge and consent of their parents, we are now requiring parents to fill out a brief consent form to gain access to our Discord server. Please click the link below to access the form.,

This online safety guide compiled by the Common Sense Media Foundation offers some good advice for parents about Discord and its potential benefit and pitfalls.

(consent form required
for kids 13 and under)

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